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Kymco GY6(2V) 125CC


Cylinder Kit & Cylinder Head


Original: D- 52.4 mm x 57.8  mm (124 cc)

Big Bore: D- 57.4 mm x 57.8 mm (149.6 cc)

Big Bore: D- 58.0 mm x 57.8 mm (152.7 cc)

Big Bore: D- 61.0 mm x 57.8 mm (168.9 cc)

Big Bore: D- 63.0 mm x 57.8 mm (180 cc)

Company Profile:
33 years experience, we focus on producing cast iron internal combustion engines and cylinders for motorcycles. Over the years we've devoted ourselves to R&D and improving cylinder mechanisms and have obtained several patents for innovations from Taiwan鈥檚 Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, MOEA. Our products are favorites with and well recommended by consumers and buyers from the U.S., Japan, and European countries. To always provide our customers the best, we will continue to introduce patented products to fulfill their needs. Looking forward to your continued patronage.

Export Market:

Global, Europe, Asia (Except China), North America, Central & South America

1. Fine appearance,free of burrs, air crossing ports and heat sink are clean and smooth, good heat dissipation.
2. The material of the cylinder block are good metallographic.
3. Cylinder used overlapping curve in Cylinder hole is clear, with good performance of oil storage.
4. Precise machining size, Precise processing dimensional accuracy and has a good match with piston.
5. Competitive price, promptly delivery.
6. Various models are available.
7. Remarkable advantages of strong hardness, oil saving and long lasting working life time.
8. Sample purpose order is accepted.

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